Advanced Thermal-Hydraulics Research Lab.

The Advanced Thermal-Hydraulic Research Laboratory strive to facilitate high-fidelity simulation of two-phase flow/heat transfer through scientific experiments. To achieve the goal, we have the following missions:


• Develop groundbreaking diagnostics and preform advanced scientific experiments for superior understanding and modeling of two-phase flow and heat transfer

• Enhnace reliability of compurational multiphase fluid dynamics (CMFD) codes for complex two-phase safety problems

The Laboratory

The Advanced Thermal-Hydraulic Research Laboratory includes all required services that are fully available to the projects, including:


• Source of Cold, De-Ionized Water System

• Compressed Air and Nitrogen

• Low/High Voltage AC/DC Power Supplies


The state-of-the-art instrumentation for flow and heat transfer measurements has been acquired in the past years and is continuing to expand and grow. The laboratory is equipped with:


• Diode laser used as source of illumination for flow visualization and measurements

• He-Ne laser used as source of interferometry for thin film measurements

• Particle Image Velocimetry system with two high speed cameras

• Mid-wave and short-wave high-speed infrared cameras for temperature measurement with high spatial and temporal resolutions

Computational Tools and Software

Thermal-Hydraulic computer codes are in use in our laboratory. Our expertise cover a wide range of system-level codes and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) codes.


System and Subchannel Codes:





Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Codes:


• CD-ADAPCO Star-ccm+

• OpenFOAM